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10 Amazing Mysteries Scientists Can’t Explain Till Date

It is believed that scientist studied every single thing on Earth but that is not the case and there are things that still need to be uncovered.

StephPost collected 11 mystries that has not been uncovered by scientist and has no rational explanation yet.


1. How do cats purr?

Cat Purr whenever they are filled with joy and happiness, but the fact is that no one knows how they purr, you cant even hear any sign of heart beating.

According to scientists, they make a vibrating sound using their vocal chords, and this reduces pain in them.


2. Where did some creatures come from?

Till date no one knows how amphibian came was produced from fish and this is because the very first land animals had head and well-developed limbs.

It was also said that dinosaurs became extinct after a natural cataclysm 65 million years ago which is the same time when mammals appeared from Nowhere.


3. Do cows have a magnetic compass?

Scientist discovered a strange pattern in cows. 70% cows turn their head to either north or south whenever they want to eat or drink regardless of the weather, terrain and any other factor and this happens all over the world. Scientists are yet to find out why.

4. What is dark matter?

It also is known that about 27% of this universe is dark matter and it does not interact with electromagnetic radiation so it close to impossible to detect it.

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5. How many planets are in the solar system?

Since Pluto was removed as an official planet, it believed that there are 8 planets but the Kuiper belt beyond Pluto consist of icy objects. Scientists uncovered loads of objects that are way bigger than Pluto.


6. Why are people right-handed and left-handed?

Most human are right handed while less are left handed. Scientist are yet to discover more about this mystery.

7. Why did megafauna become extinct?

It is known that Giant Animals called Megafauna disappeared 10000 years ago. Most believe that the climate change killed them while some believe it because of starvation, but there’s no substantial evidence. A scientist in Alaska discovered a preserved mammoths whose stomach is full of undigested greens. The reason for the death of Megafauna is not uncovered.

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8. Why do we dream?

There are several definitions of dreams, but scientist believes that dreams express something concealed in the deep human psyche, but they still don’t know what is hidden.

9. What is the “space roar”?


10. Why do we have different blood types?

According to scientists suggestions, blood cells are of different types because of disease and immunity. Individuals with type B blood are more susceptible to E. While type O blood is at less risk of dying from malaria.

Source Business Insider

Photo Credit Michaela , Waltdisneystudi0, Maxwell Hamilton

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