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12 Dogs You Dont Wanna F**k With And Go Scot Free

Below are videos of dog you don’t want to f**k with. This dogs are cute, funny, playful and crazy… Enjoy!


1. You’re the best kido!

Credit: 9gag


2. Don’t F**k with me

Credit: 9gag

Meet the biggest dog in the world

3. Excuse me man! What Da F**k


4. Who’s Speaking… mtcheeeewww!!


5. Yepee!!!!!

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6. You can do it boy!

Credit: 9gag

7. Careful Boy!

Credit: 9gag

8. So Sweet to be asleep

credit: samoyed dog

9. Am a work in progress… oh oh oh..

Credit : Bichon

10. Jealous Dog… Let RoRo have some fun!

credit: dane


11. Good Boy protect small puppy

credit : 9gag

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12. How to get laid.. Course 101

How to get laid 101

credit : Beagle

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