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15 Things that’ll make you rethink about your “I thought I am the only one”

There are some things that make you stand out from the crowd, does laziness too? Sadly, no. We all feel lazy, we all look for ways to get things done without moving. I thought staying in bed and praying for someone to get you food was my kinda thing, but seems like half of the population is doing the same prayer, this gave me a face palm! There are way too many things that will make you think rethink about your habits you thought only existed in you. Here is the list to the “I am the only one of a kind, fantasies”:

No 1

Have used everything, literally everything to cover up myself at night when I can’t seem to find any blanket nearby. Once I used my dirty rolled up towel to cover myself. (I know it sounds gross, but it’s as true as aliens)


No 2

I can’t sleep without covering myself with a blanket or sheet or anything I could lay my hands on. But life is not as simple as it seems, I feel hot when I turn off the fan, and feel like sleeping without a blanket but no I CAN’T and I WON’T sleep without my blanket. It’s my only friend, my protection! Oh man this sounds so weird, whatsoever that’s who it is. To tackle with this situation I turn on the fan and cover myself with blanket, a moment of peace.


No 3

I have lied down half curled for hours just to charge my cell phone, because the charging cable of my mobile is too short! Why do the companies cell hi-end expensive mobile with tiny charging cables? What an irony! I’ve become a creature with curled arm. Things you do to keep your mobile all charged up!

Image result for charge a phone

No 4

I have trawled out a thrown away box of kitchen products from a garbage bin JUST to see the recipe that was mentioned on the back side of the box/packet. (We have all done things we are not proud of!)

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No 5

I keep ordering my younger siblings to get me food, water, snacks, cellphone, and what not, the list goes on and on. They serve me well, they live well (evil within, I sound so evil man!). I mean I love them, but didn’t mom dad brought these little monsters in this world to be my assistants? You can’t deny the fact that all of you somehow order and control your younger siblings too.

No 6

I force myself to carry all the grocery items at one go to avoid making trips from kitchen to car and car to kitchen. This is the height of laziness or maybe I challenge myself to see if I can lift this much weight and stuff or not? (Grocery Lifter Award achieved!)


No 7

I have kicked the ice cubes like footballs under the refrigerator many times instead of picking them up. They’ll melt anyway! Why put the effort of picking up.


No 8

Act like i had a call when i’ve suddenly remember that am taking the wrong way. So soo insane 🙂


No 9

Had thousands of patterns on the surface of your mobile phone. Even trying to clean them up with your hands.

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No 10

Checked the fridge and noticed it absolutly empty and in the next 20 minutes you still come back to same fridge. Are you expecting a magic or what? 🙂

No 11

Reciting the alphabetical letters just to uncover a lettle which come before the other letter.

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No 12

Typing your entire password immediately you noticed you missed a letter or make a mistake instead of clearing the mistake and continue from where you stopped.

No 13

Turn the volume of the music you played in your car just to see clearly? The ear and eyes are two separate parts of the body

No 14

Insert your hands into your boxers and feeling relaxed with excitement.

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No 15

Pretending you could purchase something which you obviously know you can’t afford and buy.

I am sure there are thousands of other habits that make us alike. I have a list of things that I thought only I do but surfing over the internet about it and discussing with friends made me realize that these habits are not unique. We all share the same kind of laziness habits. Share your experiences and let’s see what else do we have in common.


Credit : Buzzfeed

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