13 Things You’ll Miss Doing Most From Your 20ths (Twenties)

1. Using the term “I am only going through a transition right now” as a valid excuse to escape anything. / Via

2. Always living on the edge. AKA blowing off your paycheck every one the shoes.


3. Having fewer anxieties and carrying more dangers.
Photographs courtesy of Lauren Weber, Annie Goodman, Sarah Karlan, Kariel Parian



4. Being able to stick out ’til 2 thirds to a weeknight and then being able to work at work the next day…

Courtesy of Casey Cline
. . .and with your hangover five hours rather than five days.


5. Oh, and undoubtedly indulging in that midnight pizza rather than feeling pity because of metabolism.

6. Waking up with no gray hair popping out of thin air.

7. Having the ability to put up with crowds and noise and noise and crowds.

8. Not spending half your annual income on other people’s weddings, but rather on cool coats.


Stylish coats came.


9. Eating this for supper with no pity:
Courtesy of Kariel Parian

‘Cause it was all you can afford ’til cash back, DUH.


10. Working those “in-between endeavors” while imagining your sh*t out.

11. Falling difficult in love with everybody you meet and being completely OK with using a fling rather than thinking too hard about whether they are “the one”

BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

12. Being juuuust carefree enough to not focus your entire attention on if you “ought to be” getting wed/purchasing a home / getting children.

Courtesy of Sylvia Cheng

13. Making errors on errors on errors and being young enough to nearly understand from them.
Thinkstock, 3

Leaning from for your twenties is paramount to be able to genuinely love what lies ahead: the magic which is the thirties, in which you are a more powerful, sharper YOU.

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