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5 Biggest Dogs of the World. You don’t believe it? See here!

Over hundreds of years, diverse canines in various geographic areas have been sharpened by people to perform certain tasks, from house pet to house’s watchdog, from herder to partner.

We won’t cajole by just putting random news about non-existence creatures. We are here with the news that initially made us lose our minds. Yes! We are talking about the 4 biggest dogs of the world, a naked eye denies the existence of such huge dogs but they do exist. These dogs are from one of the finest and unique breeds of dogs.

While some people like small and tiny pups and pets, these giant dogs have their own special place and they are as lovable and trendy as the little ones. We have fallen in love with these

incredible dogs with distinguish physique and features. The range, color, physique and qualities of these breeds are jaw-dropping but no on can deny that despite their huge body shape they are still very adorable.

Let’s talk about these dogs and see what qualities they possess.

1.The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog – Ruling the mountains!

This dog bred can be found in the lands of Switzerland. The most beautiful country of Europe. It’s a muscular farm bred dog. This dog is enjoying his days of life with a Swiss family who loves him like anything. This powerful breed is excelling in all fields let it be canines sport or agility training, they are full of energy and always find something to stay busy and active.

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2. Leonberger – A warrior’s breed

Leonbergers are the finest giant breed. This breed is commonly found in Germany, another Europe’s beautiful city. The name of the breed was derived from a city in Germany, known as “Leonberg”. The average weight of a male Leonberger ranges between 54-78kgs whereas the weight of a female Leonberger lies between 52 -61kgs. This breed either shows a strong masculinity features or a sophisticated womanly form.

3. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound has a huge masculine personality which leaves a jaw-dropping impression at first. It’s a domestic breed that’s mainly from Ireland. They are called as Irish wolfhound because of their physical

appearance as they possess both wolfish and dog looks. These are one of the oldest breeds that are found in history, to dates of early 7000 BC. The weight of a male Irish wolfhound vary between 54 – 57kgs where as a female wolfhound weight lies between 48 – 50kgs. These dogs were used to hunting, as it’s their primary quality. However, with time the breed developed and now serves more of a quiet, reserve and an intelligent breed.

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4. The Savior Saint Bernard

The savior Saint Bernard breed was initially created in the Alps of Swiss and served as rescues dogs in Northern Italy. Over years of development, nourishment and breeding.

This breed has transformed into a friendlier breed which still also serves the duties of a rescue dog.

These are just the 4 major breeds. You can find more information about each of the aforementioned dogs. Apart from these you can always find relevant information about other breeds that could potentially add up to your knowledge about the rare, finest and biggest dog breeds.


Credit: rank-esvid

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