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5 Celebrities You Wont Believe Slept On The Street Before Fame

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Being successful in life is not a child’s play. Each successful person’s story is different and unique from everybody else. But there is a common factor amongst them: their unshakable faith in their dreams.

This article contains true life stories about celebrities who, at times, had nothing at all to eat and no roof over their heads, but who have managed to triumph all obstacles and become rich and world-famous. It’s almost hard to believe that these stories are real and not made up.



Jim’s family faced a lot of financial hurdles whilst he was in school. Due to his father’s jobless status, he and his siblings had to take up menial jobs just to make ends meet. It was that bad that his family had to live in a van for a while. After Jim finished school, he worked at a Dofasco steel plant. In 2007, in one of his interviews, Jim said that if he hadn’t built a career in movies, he would’ve still worked at the plant.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Halle’s way to fame was never an easy road. She vividly remembers how her mother suffered domestic abuse from her dad when she was only 4 years old, after which he abandoned them. Nevertheless, Halle berry has been very persistent and ambitious since childhood. She won a number of beauty contests while in school and after graduating from school, she relocated to New York. She ran out of cash in New York and had to make her way to homeless shelters. Halle worked as a waitress and bartender and had lots of refusals at various movie auditions. She finally got her big break in “Living Dolls,” which brought her fame.

Today, Halle is named after a department store. And because of her fame, Halle’s Department Store will become a local landmark in Cleaveland, Ohio.


Oprah Winfrey had a psychologically challenging childhood and because of such traumatic experience, she now dedicates her time to helping children.

When she was but a child, she had to wear clothes made of potato sacks because of lack of money for dresses. She also suffered violence in her family; her grandmother beat her with a stick for any form of disobedience. When she clocked 14, she got pregnant but the child died shortly after it was born.

The future of Oprah’s talent was noticed in her childhood. Oprah would interview her play dolls when less busy. The future TV star’s talent was noticed even in her childhood. Oprah interviewed her dolls made of corncobs. When she was a little older, she studied really hard and started working as a local reporter and soon she was able to create her own show “The Oprah Winfrey Show” which became incredibly popular.

Today, she is the first black woman billionaire.



Sylvester like others stars was also unlucky in his childhood years. During his birth, obstetricians damaged a facial nerve which resulted in slurred speech and facial paralysis. Because of this, he was bullied in school by other students.

It was so bad with Sylvester at some point that he had to agree to play a part in an adult movie scene for $200 because he lost his apartment due to rent shortage and had to spend 3 weeks living on the street. He said: “It was either do that movie or rob someone because I was at the end—at the very end—of my rope.”

Stallone actually wrote the script for “Rocky” himself, which eventually brought him the long-awaited money and fame he was after. There some reluctance on the part of the producers to feature him as the star because he was an unknown, but Stallone got the part after agreeing to a lower profit.

In 1977, “Rocky,” which was shot with Stallone’s script, won 3 Oscars.


Madonna has always been a rebellious woman right from time. When she was a bit younger, she dreamt of becoming a dancer. She then moved to New York with just $35 in her wallet. She first worked at Burger Kind and Dunkin’ Donuts, after that, she worked as a coat-check girl and a nude model.

Madonna was forced to stay in one of the most dangerous areas of New York, where she was attacked and harassed sexually.

Immediately she started singing, she tried out different genres and directions, she even broke music contracts with certain producers, leaving them till she attained fame through her hit single titled “EVERYBODY”

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