7 Key Advices to Becoming a Better Parent

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Wanting to know how to be a better parent is a very good initiative! First I want to tell you that, to me, there is no such thing as a bad parent. It’s just that many parents are having a hard time trying to understand their children and they react in a way that isn’t always appropriate because of their lack of understanding. As we don’t remember how we were thinking when we were kids, putting ourselves in our kids’ shoes can help communicating with them. Yes, we can be a better mother or a better father every day.


The 7 following key advices will give answers to “how to be a better parent”:


  1. Encourage Your Children To Be More Generous

The trend to smaller families has meant that there is more of an emphasis by children, towards thinking about themselves. Parents are more focused on individual children, rather than the family as a whole. Promote generosity and selflessness in your children by encouraging them to do things such as give away old toys and gadgets, or donate some of their pocket money to a charity.


  1. Get Your Kids To Occupy Themselves

Kids who can keep themselves busy with self-initiated play tend to do better at school. Don’t be your child’s source of entertainment. If your child is bored then suggest some ideas, but don’t be the one providing all the activity.


  1. Ensure Children Appreciate What They Have

Some children never seem to be satisfied or happy, and always want more than what they have got. Try and get your children to be less negative and to always look at the positives and be thankful for what they have.


  1. When Kids Misbehave Use Actions Rather Than Words

Don’t keep repeating yourself, or shouting, when your kids don’t do what they are asked. For example, if your child doesn’t come to dinner when requested just put the meal on the table. It will be their fault if it is cold by the time they decide to appear.


  1. Encourage Self Sufficiency

If you don’t want your kids to be still living with you at home when they are 30+, then you better instill some self sufficiency skills as early as possible. Reduce their dependency on you. Children should be expected do chores around the house without being paid for them.


  1. Build Up Your Child’s Confidence

It is usually a lack of confidence, or self belief, rather than a lack of ability, that restricts children. If you are a negative parent that will reinforce any lack of confidence that exists. Emphasize the positives and strengths of your children, give them responsibility and show them that you have faith in them.


  1. Help Your Kids To Be Financially Responsible

Don’t be a cash machine for your kids and dole out money to them whenever they want it. Give them pocket money regularly and slowly build up the amount as they demonstrate more financial responsibility.

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