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    10 Houses That Can Never Be Penetrated By Zombie

    1. The House at the Cliff This is only one of the best 10 homes which are zombie evidence. This home is constructed into the side of a pond. That makes it almost undetectable to anyone on the opposite side of this cliff. Not only can it be a secure and safe house, it’s luxurious. […] More

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    10 Things Most People Can’t Do. Try it?

    1. Boost 1 Eyebrow In the films, the evil genius will often lift 1 eyebrow when he’s a plan. This could be something which evil geniuses can perform, but most folks can’t. It’s thought that you could be taught how to do so, but just 10 to 20% of the populace can perform it. There […] More

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    35 Strangest Places In The World You’ll be Scared To Reach

    Planet Earth has a great deal to offer. In the Great Wall of China into the Grand Canyon, there is an infinite number of awe-inspiring landscapes and sights which may impress anyone and everybody. Then again, you can find different areas that encircle in a substantially different manner… For each wonderful thing about our planet, […] More

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    12 Expensive Things Owned By Millionaire Rapper Birdman

    He Is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur, ” He’s the co-founder and public face of Cash Money Records he founded with his older brother Ronald “Slim” Williams in 1991 and he’s an estimated net worth of about $180 Million Bucks.   He is Birdman and we are looking at 10 pricey things he […] More

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    20 Extremely Terrifying Animals That Are On Extinct

    1. Pelagornis Sandersi That is exactly what scientists consider to be the biggest flying bird that ever existed. It has a wingspan of around 24 feet. These critters were commonly found within the sea. They have around by jumping off cliffs and permitting the wind currents to shoot them and maintain them. 2. Euphoberia (Giant Centipede) […] More

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    Join Millions of People Winning $1000 Grocery Gift Card Today

    Your family could be spending hundreds of dollars a week on groceries! Take advantage of the opportunity to save at the store with this golden opportunity. Millions of people in New Zealand are getting their Grocery Gift card so enter today and win your $1000 Grocery Gift Card too. Right now you have the chance to win […] More

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    13 Things You’ll Miss Doing Most From Your 20ths (Twenties)

    1. Using the term “I am only going through a transition right now” as a valid excuse to escape anything. gifsboom.net / Via vine.co 2. Always living on the edge. AKA blowing off your paycheck every one the shoes. Thinkstock 3. Having fewer anxieties and carrying more dangers. Photographs courtesy of Lauren Weber, Annie Goodman, […] More

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