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French Woman Creates Fine “Wearable Storybook” Dresses That Pay Tribute To A Historic French Town

French form fashioner Sylvie Facon has made Hommage à Arras(“Homage to Arras”), a stunning night outfit that pays tribute to the notable town.

Including everything from multifaceted delineations to “radiant ribbon and pearls,” the dress puts a storybook turn on French form.


At first look, the whimsical gown resembles a fantastical work of fiction. However, look carefully, and you’ll find it really includes authentic portrayals of Arras’ imaginative and building treasures.


Notwithstanding these particular points of interest and conspicuous locales, the outfit additionally consolidates the little subtle elements that make Arras so uncommon, from its asphalt to its plants.



Planning to “ace all stages, from the sketch to the last point,” Facon makes dresses that join compelling artwork with tailor-made design. Like Hommage à Arras, her different dresses twofold as storytellers, displaying the abundant magnificence of standard articles and ordinary sights.








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