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Introduce Your Dogs with 4 Top Hand Signals.

dogs training

Why handy hand signals are importance to teach your dogs? It is quite important (for me it was and still is). It helps you connect and communicate more efficiently with your dogs. Dogs are adaptive towards the hand signals of their owners. Teaching them with the right hand signals can also save your life at certain unfortunate events, when you are alone with your pups. Let’s see  (god forbid) you experience a cardiac arrest while you are sitting upstairs in your room and working and the only living being around you at that time is your dog!

Well, communicating through a certain quick effortless hand gesture can save your life. Signal the dog that something is wrong and you need help. Trust me, dogs learn pretty well and that fella would do anything to save you. Your specific signal apart from your facial expressions would direct him to run downstairs and bark for help!

Moving forward with the hand signals. Having a fair knowledge of what the 5 hand signals mean will help you to train your dog in a better and efficient way and would help you in real world situations as well.

The top 4 hand signals for dogs are:

1. Finger Point – Your go-to order point

It is one of the most used signals by dog owners to finger point the dogs to do certain tasks. This signal is usually used for ordering the dog to go to the “mat” or the “kennel”.  How to you teach this signal to your dog? Well, that’s how you should go about it. Stretch your arm with a pointed finger towards a certain place e.g. the sleeping mat of the dog. Keep doing it for few days and your little pup will eventually learn the meaning.

dogs training


2. Open your hands horizontally

This body posture will show a friendly and open approach to the dog. This signal will let him learn that he is being called for a hug or cuddling. How do you do it? Wide open your arms parallel to the floor, in horizontal position. Initially keep doing this by entering or existing your house. This would give your dog a welcoming feel and he will show affection in return too.


3. Thumbs Up – Good job done!

Just like humans, dogs too like appreciation. It is always good to appreciate your dog’s performance on his job, whatever he did on his owners order or by himself for good. When they do a good job. How to do it? It is the most simple hand signal to teach to your dog. Just gives a thumbs up to your dog, let him know that he did an amazing job.

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4. Eye to Eye! Two fingers pointed on your own eyes

This signal is indeed a great addition to the series of hand signals for dogs. Point your two fingers at your eyes and let your dog see. This signal can help your dog learn that you want his eyes on you. This can come as handy in suspicious circumstances, tell him to have your back by showing this signal to him. Make him learn it by repeating it again and again.

Teaching your dogs with right hand signals is something worth putting an effort for. Most dogs are vigilant and react to actions proactively. There are other helpful hand signals that you can teach your dogs, only you can choose the best hand signals for your dog. Understand their nature and try to teach them in a natural ambiance without forcing or scolding them, as pets seek affection from their owners.


Credit : DogsVille


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