Meet The Biggest Dog of the World – Freddy! Female – 7ft 6inch Tall

There are numerous breeds that possess the qualities of being unique and gigantic. Every region is filled with historical stories supporting the over-sized dog breeds from Ireland to Germany. Most of the European countries have had roots in creating dog breeds that served as hunters, rescuers and finally transformed over time into friendly home pets.

We have seen and read about dogs with unnatural sizes and qualities, However, I believe that every breed is unique and there is nothing unnatural about them. It’s their distinguished qualities which makes them charming and lovable in all manners.

While talking about the different breeds of huge dogs, there is one dog and one name which cannot be neglected. Yes, we are talking about “Freddy” the world’s official biggest dog in the whole wide world. Freddy the great dog is exactly 7 feet and 6 inches tall, which makes him taller than most humans and guess what? He is super friendly! People around the world are showing love to Freddy instead of being callous.

Freddy is currently under the ownership of Miss Claire Stoneman, she takes care of this big fella in all possible manners. Freddy is a lovable dog, he is more like a family member to us is what we get to hear from the owner of Freddy. Freddy has made his way towards Guinness World Record. Yes, you heard me right he has! And he has proudly achieved a Guinness World Record Certificate and passed by any other dog in the competition. Way to go Freddy!


What makes him different from other big dogs around the world? His dashing personality who could make all the dogs envy him for his handsomeness. By tipping the scale at more than 200 pounds, Freddy is more than two feet taller than his proprietor even when he is just sitting on the couch with Claire. Whatsoever it may seem to others, but for Claire it is nothing but pure and selfless love for Freddy.

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Claire also mentioned that she loves spending time with Freddy and his sister, Fluer. She adopted them together and she feels that it was the best decision of her life. Freddy and Fluer both like treats, to make them savor, Claire keeps treating them with their favorite treats such as peanut butter on the toast with whole roasted chicken. Not to forget, we must mention that a year’s grocery bill that Claire pays is worth $15,000 and this doesn’t include the price of 26 sofas on which Freddy dined on as a puppy.

What does Freddy love apart from treats? Well, he loves a paw massage from Claire. We believe we would soon see Freddy’s better half, as Claire is searching for his better half. Freddy is a tall handsome hunk and finding a match can become a difficult process. If you interested in knowing more about Freddy and his daily routine then toggle up to Google and look for his videos. His is quite famous!

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Would you want to own a pet like Freddy? If yes, then wait few years we might hear the good news from Freddy and his better half? It may sound silly but it is equally cute to see Freddy’s children who I believe would break the records too!

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