Millions of People Are Playing This MEGA Video Game Now. Here’s Why You Should Join Them.

I’ve been really interested in playing the game for so long until I had the opportunity to do so. The mechanics of the game seem enjoyable. It the perfect video game that will keep you glued to your screen.

To play this game long term it takes a particular type of player. People most often get caught up in the gear progression and not being able to reach the high-end gear quickly enough or if ever. If you are playing this game from the standpoint of having fun and gearing up at the same time over a long period of time(months-years) then this is the game for you.

80% of players will never reach the high-end gear with the current RNG system(mythic, primordial buff), but you don’t need high-end gear, just a decent weapon, and divine buff. It takes the right perspective to be able to play the game.

From my experienced years of playing Archeage, I can tell you that you don’t need the best gear to be competitive in PVP, just get a good weapon, and decent armor and a good class(dark runner, Enigmatist, abolisher etc.) Also, it is never too late to start playing Archeage, since the highest end gear is pretty much impossible to reach there is a cap that everyone hits after playing a period of time. Meaning you will love this game even if it means spending a few dollars which definitely not involved.

Click on below image to register and install this amazing game. Millions are playing now so join them and face the challenge.

Archeage is always worth playing. It is a long-term progression MMORPG. One of the best IMO in the market now.

A long-term bit is serious, doesn’t matter if you pay or not. A lot of the best in slot items can take months each to grind out.

My theory about why ArcheAge became so popular so quickly is based almost entirely on the lack of any price at all and the fact that the game is really fun. Here’s a typical conversation I’ve heard several times now. Someone will bring up the game in casual conversation. Someone else will pull out their phone and look it up, and see that it says “get” in iTunes. If you go to the website for ArcheAge, you’ll see a download button. From there, you barely have to register. I timed how long it took me to download, register, and start playing ArcheAge on a new laptop and it was all of about five minutes. On an iPhone, it’s even faster. To be able to play a full-scale RNG system game without paying a dime and without any pain is amazing.

Making a product that easy to download and play, without any costs, is brilliant for several reasons. The game itself is very interesting to play (although it takes a lot of effort to actually win). You never have to enter a credit card. You don’t have to visit a retail store. You just click, download, and play. I know of a few gamers who started playing after a web search and now millions are playing this game.

Here’s the place where I’ll tell you why I enjoy Archeage.

First I like any game, mostly because of the PVP. However, in Archeage the naval pvp is a ton of fun. I also enjoy the fact that you can attack and take trade packs from enemy players. I like the housing and my land that I farm. The crafting system and economy are interesting and leaves a lot of room for attentive players to exploit market conditions.

I like the long-term progression and how I can make little advancements everyday. I like that there are multiple routes to goals and so much going on that you don’t feel like you need to do everything every day, just do what you can and chip away at your own pace.

I would say, download the game and give it a shot. The real gem here is the class system.

How To Level Up Fast In ArcheAge

ArchAge is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game and as it’s not uncommon to most games of this sort, it’s crucial that you level your character so as to have the ability to participate in higher game levels. To add, you’ll also need to level your abilities, pushing them higher and higher, because winning laurels isn’t going to be sufficient. You may use a few helpful tips to make certain you level up quicker in the game and here is a very helpful game manual on the same. You’ll have the ability to achieve higher levels if you focus on the following from the ArcheAge game.

Quest Summaries

Most individuals make the mistake of running to the place once they get new quests. It’s necessary to read the summary before embarking on it so you don’t wind up wasting too much time on obviously moves. The summary will provide you information about the monster you need to kill and loot in addition to the weaponry you will need to buy before you head there.

Use Quest Indicators

When you take a quest, you get an arrow indicator. This arrow has symbols, numbers, and colors to direct your instructions to get to the perfect quest locations. The indicators can’t be ignored since they allow you to find hidden things in terrains which are far away from the location of the creature.

Manage All Quests

Another mistake most players make is to bypass a few of the quests simply because they appear trivial concerning rewards. It’s important to not forget that one pursuit can open up a string of different quests that come with better rewards and infrequent things; you’re going to miss them if you skip it. It’s very important to choose all quests to accelerate your leveling up.

Go As Far As You Can with the Quests

This is considering that on attaining certain quest percentages you’ll be given the choice of submitting the pursuit as an early conclusion. This isn’t always a bad choice as it saves you time, but it tremendously reduces the EXP rewards. Therefore, attempt to finish a quest as large as you can take it as overachieving the pursuit will earn you more EXP and this is a superb tool to accelerate faster.

Know About Hidden Quests

ArcheAge is composed of hidden quests requiring one to kill an enormous telescope prior to reaching the objective. It follows that the rewards will stay hidden till you’ve killed the required variety of monsters. By taking a look at the manual, you can tell how worthy that the pursuit is and where exactly to see them. This can help you save time and make great rewards.

Use Labour Points

Throughout the game, you have the choice of using accumulated labor points to mine ores, run transactions, chop trees or even harvest plants. They are essential components that could give you the opportunity to acquire a refuge and gold and in precisely the exact same time, you make a fantastic amount of EXP surpassing those you loved from earlier mobs. You may, therefore, find it very useful to use and misuse the points each time you have a chance to do so.

ArcheAge is undeniably a fun game and when you know the secrets that will assist you to hasten your leveling up, you will move quickly into the adventurous games. There are so many hints you can use to maximize your leveling.

Click the banner below to register for free and play the game.


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