What Does Your Ring Symbolize? Discover Now!

Rings were in style way back in even in the Medieval Ages. Believe it or not, everyone wore them! From the richest to the poorest, the only difference was the material in which it was made, the one to give away your status. These were mostly plain bands; it was only later in the 14th century that cut stones were incorporated into them.

Many occasions call for different rings. Most common ones are the engagement and wedding rings. They are huge symbols to know that you are betrothed or even just in a relationship, even today. Wedding rings are the most well-known and instantly identifiable piece of jewelry that binds a man and a woman together.

The ring’s circle shape was meant to be a symbol of eternity, which dates back from the ancient Egyptians; one with no beginning and no end. It was worshipped by them, which, at that time was the reason why they made the sun and the moon a god.

Before, rings do not last very long as they were using hemp or other plant fibers. When these did not last long enough, people tried to use leather or other more solid material like bone or ivory to be a symbol of their love to their beloved. When they did discover using metals, it was the rust that came with it which gave them a big headache.

But now, in the present time, rings made in so many types of materials nowadays. From the most popular gold and silver, there is also platinum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, plastic, and even wood. There are also ceramic ones available.

Designs come in many forms and stones. From intricate ones to plain bands, these are very popular indeed, with the endless possibilities of designing it. Some of the most elaborate ones come with cut stones set into the ring. Precious stones are either diamonds, pearls, rubies, jades, sapphires, and some even choose them according to the month of their birth. These can come in a wide variety of prices, such as the cheap toys for kids to hundreds and even more than thousands for those with more expensive material.

They also represent an organization, such as a school or a fraternity, or even a religious order. This is where school rings or batch rings and fraternity rings come from. Then there are also rings which represent a person’s belief. For example, just one look at a person’s ring with a Cross symbol, one can automatically deduce that the person wearing it is a Christian.

Jewelry for the many beliefs around the world has always been symbolic. Christians, for example, often use the cross symbol in their jewelries to represent their beliefs. The cross was where Jesus was crucified. Some also use the fish, as this was the secret code to avoid detection when Christians were under persecution after Jesus died. Thus, the Christian fish came to be. There are also other types of Christian rings, such as the wedding rings, purity rings, and rings for the higher ups in the various organizations.

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