Take your pre-wedding photoshoot to the next level with these amazing ideas

Perfect pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for couples

In this new age of Instagram, weddings are basically all about photographs. Couples about to walk down the aisle are more excited about the pre-wedding photo shoot than even the big day at times.

Pre-wedding photography in this day and age has played a big role in weddings. The major purpose of taking pre wedding pictures is to flaunt the love encases of both couples.

Many couples like to add a bit of fun and unique poses to their pictures. Joint photos should remind you of wonderful times spent together. The natural emotions combined with the photographer’s professionalism will help to reflect all your love and tenderness.

These shoots are almost boring these days. And while it is a great way to kick start the wedding festivities, its becoming a bit too regular now. Or to put bluntly, a lot more cliché.

In order to succeed, it is necessary to know some important points:

  • Select the theme and style of your photo shoot. Remember that it is possible to act out almost anything.

  • Determine the location of the thematic love story (you may need some specific locations).

  • Think about what props and accessories will help you in creating colorful pictures.

  • Choose the appropriate outfits and think through the images in details.

  • Select the time of the day you want the shoot to hold.

  • Define the specific date for the shoot (usually, couples plan to shoot a few weeks before the main celebration).

So ladies and gents, if you are looking forward to some cool new inspiration for your pre wedding photoshoot, then these 9 not so cheesy but fabulous ideas will blow you over!


  1. Turn Into the Mini You

Miniature photo shoots are the latest thing in town now. They look goofy and adorable and most importantly make your


2. Including Your Pets

It’s no longer news that most young couples these days live together before their big day, so its only natural that they already have pets too. It then begs the question; why not have these pets take part in such a memorable event? This will in no small measure create memories with your lovely pets that will last for many years to come.

3. The Gourmet Couple

Are you the couple who cooks together on most days of the week? Go for a cute cooking theme for your pre-wedding shoot in that case and make everyone go so astonished at your pictures. This can be one of the gorgeous couples photos you’ve ever taken.


4. For Those Who Don’t Mind PDA

If you and your partner are the kind of couple who loves excessive display of PDA, then make sure to capture those moments of intimacy in your pre wedding shoot. Affectionate shoots are always captivating.


5. For the Sporty Duo

What’s more special for a sportsperson than the sport itself? Get yourself a sporty pre-wedding shoot on a tennis court or a football field with all its props.


6. For Water Babies

If you’re the adventurous and experimental type, then going for a well timed underwater pre-wedding shoot will just be the perfect fit.


7. Into The Wild

If you are a nature lover then you should definitely get clicked amidst lush green trees and bushes. Taking your pet along also works perfectly and they make it more fun.


8. Adding Props for the Drama

One experiment that has been tested and never goes wrong is using colour bombs as props for your pre wedding photo shoot. They make the photographs look lively and colourful.


9. And Simply If You Want To Add a Fairytale Touch

If you and your spouse have a fairytale love story and totally believe in the existence of magic in the world be sure to get a fairytale-themed pre-wedding shoot.

10. Romance in the rain

Pre wedding photo sessions under the rain will only add that “awww-moment” to your pictures and give off a romantic effect. Umbrellas are not necessary when it comes to this.

This ideas are great for new couples and those who wish to refresh their marriage.  Marriage anniversaries are never complete without the perfect photograph.

make your wedding colorful by using this pre-wedding photo shoot!

Share your photoshoop ideas and let us know what you think about this points.

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