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The Finest Towns To Become a Dog Walker

Becoming a professional dog walker has been seen as a fast growing career in the UK. A   2015 study signifying that there is a possibility for walkers to earn around £64,000 a year surely offers sufficient lure to consider dog walking as a profession.

Of the customers of Protectivity, two-thirds stated that they turned into a commercial dog walker owing to their love for dogs or had worked with dogs before. Additional 25% were driven to the view of a lifestyle that was more flexible.

Besides, in case you are contemplating taking up this profession, there is also scope for maneuver, in spite of the mounting competition in the market.

Google results state that in a month, in the UK, there are 14,800 searches for “dog walker”, whereas the “local dog walker” got 590 hits in a month.

However, what locations in the UK have the most request for dog walkers?

Approximately 2,500 of searches were from the area of Greater London– over triple of Greater Manchester was in second place.


But, it is not a surprise to find the capital on the first spot, as it has a population of more than 8.5 million. It is really the region of Hampshire, which tops the list when the size of the population is taken into the account.

According to Google, with a comparatively small population of 1.64 million, in a month there are about 550 searches for “dog walker” from Hampshire. Moreover, there is sufficient place for additional walkers.

With continuing elevated search volume, there are still merits of initiating a dog walking business in the UK. However, the incentive is more, if you live in Peterborough, Harrogate, or another place that has come in our top 10.

We have also taken into consideration the impending competition. A ‘competitiveness rating’ out of 5 has been given to every town by making use of the Yell listings on the basis of the number of other walkers in the region.

Below is where there is a huge request for individuals to walk the dog…

From the research, it was established that Stroud in Gloucestershire was one of the finest places for the prospective dog walkers. In spite of being comparatively a small town of 13,000 people, in a month it got 90 Google searches for dog walkers. That is the highest percentage-per-person when compared to any other UK town.*

According to Yell listings, with a comparatively elevated number of dog lovers already in the profession, the walkers will have a rivalry for the dogs.

On the other hand, the once in Folkestone and Peterborough have a huge search volume per individual, with an extremely little rivalry. states that in 10 miles of Folkestone, there are merely 15 such businesses, whereas there are merely 23 dog walking businesses in Peterborough – a town with a population of 78,000 people.

The towns of Falkirk in Scotland, as well as Harrogate in North Yorkshire, were the others having a good search research. Harrogate was beaten by Stroud in terms of searches-per-person, with 320 searches from the once looking for walkers every month.

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