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Here Are Things You Never Knew About Top Female USA Artiste “Beyonce”


Music diva Beyonce can be considered as someone who has it all. She always comes out on top in whatever she does. From music, to fashion, movies, etc. She is a great example of a woman who is a go-getter.

Beyonce turns everything she touches to gold. She delivers success anywhere she goes and its not just luck. She is a smart business woman.

Beyonce lives a very comfortable life. Some of her fans even call her “Flawless”. Many aspire to have a life like beyonce. But truth be told, she is not as perfect as people paint her to be. Beneath that perfect image she projects, are cracks hiding under the canvas.

Here are some of the interesting things about Beyonce’s life that no one seemed to have made a big deal about.

  • She’s a control freak

Everyone who’s in the music line knows how beyonce’s controlling nature can be. The people who work for with her testify to the fact that she can be bossy. But none have an issue with it because they believe in her prowess as an artist.

The “crazy in love” superstar has constantly shown her fan base and the world at large that she has the power to stay at the top. And she achieves this through getting her own videographer to film her during her numerous tours.

It’s also been said that after each show, she always critiques herself and those of her workers to make sure that the vision came to reality.

From her dancers and the people from the production crew like the cameramen, she ensures that they execute her vision precisely how she wants it. So in the morning, these people will receive a round of notes from Beyoncé herself that they will be able to use to fine tune their performances to her standards.

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  • Copycat Choreography

When beyonce released “Single Ladies” in 2008, it was widely accepted just like any other of her hit songs. This was especially so because of its catchy rhythm and dancing steps. A lot of people were fascinated by the dance moves.

More than that, observant individuals noticed a striking resemblance to the 1969 The Garrys hit, titled “In This Dream.”

When people started to throw woes at her, Beyonce released a statement that her dance moves were actually inspired by the mentioned classic.

Many people find it distasteful when a movie blatantly copies the plot of a successful film prior to it just to make money. So how does Beyoncé get away with it?

  • She Kept her pregnancy away from Her Dad

When Beyonce released the news of her twin pregnancy on Instagram, most of her fans were so surprised. But more surprising was the fact that her dad, Mathew Knowles never knew about it.

According to entertainment reports, Beyonce didn’t want her father to show up at the hospital on the day of birth of the twins.

To make matters worse, the Beyhive was so displeased when Mathew took to social media to announce “They’re here”.

A lot of people voiced out their hatred of it and that it was not his place to announce it even if he was her father. Knowing how Beyoncé can be private and controlling, it’s safe to assume that the Queen herself shares the sentiments of her fans. She probably had a tweet or Instagram post all planned out, and that for sure was thrown out the window. Thanks, Dad.

  • Privacy

Everyone knows that when you’re a celebrity, privacy is not even an option. Leisure walks at the park is completely out of it, no movie nights, etc.

Once you’re a celeb, you’re now considered as public property. The more famous you are, the more the fans and paparazzi will hound you.

The same can be said in the case of Beyonce. Despite the paparazzi knowing about her closed-door marriage to rapper Jay-Z in 2008, her pregnancy announcements, her silence about the elevator incident between sister Solange and her husband Jay-Z, who was mentioned in her latest album “Lemonade”, Beyonce has still managed to receive some level of privacy that most celebrities do not.

The music superstar only shares what she feels like sharing to her fan base. Because that’s the way of the royalties, and Beyonce certainly Queen Bey lives by it.

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