Top 6 Friendly Fruits and Foods That Combat Diabetes

You can eat any fruit or food you want while keeping in mind the total grams as they contain carbohydrates. There is a long list of fruits and foods from which you can choose your favorite ones. However, there are certain food items that can help in combating diabetes in a natural way. Portion size of fruits and foods you opt to eat matters a lot, an intake of 15 grams of fruits sounds a balanced one, so keep that aspect in mind. However, here are four best diabetic friendly foods that you can add in your daily routine and which will help you in controlling your diabetes, including:

No 1 : Strawberries

There is a false misconception about berries contains how sugar which subsequently affects the sugar levels of a diabetic patient. However, in reality, it’s the other way around.

Strawberries are the most versatile from of fruits and give you an ultimate package of fibers and antioxidants. You can eat them as it is or make a quick smoothie as per your food cravings. Strawberry are enriched with substantial amount of natural Vitamin C which is also great for your skin.


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