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Top Super Friendly Dogs n Family Dogs You Should Consider Buying

To all the pet lovers around the world, I have made a list of super friendly dogs. These dogs are best suited for families with kids. I have always been a pet lover, I have 2 dogs and one pet cat at home and I totally adore them.

Choosing a pet dog can be a crucial progress, as not all dogs are human friendly. Some require shelter and a pure home – friendly atmosphere while other dogs are only trained for military purposes and lives in military camps. Just to mention these military dogs also have families but the difference is that their owners are mostly marines or army personals with which they work.

I have seen people treating animals like trash and I feel sorry for their mentality. People who are callous towards animals needs to be more open and kind hearted. Talking about the friendly dogs, I own two Beagles and they are adorable creatures who make me fall in love with them with their cuteness. They equally love me back and cheer me up whenever I am feeling low. I know all the pet lovers will understand this feeling.

So let’s get started with the list of top 3 super friendly dogs:

1.  Beagle

I’ll start off with the breed that I own, Beagle. They are the most super fun and friendly kind of breeds! Beagle are small in size, friendly and tremendously energetic. What makes them eligible for family pets? Well, they have an amiable nature which makes it easier for families to adjust with them. Sometimes, they become stubborn towards certain things but that’s natural and nothing very alarming. I adore my Beagles, they are the companions’ pet I can ever have.

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2. Bernese Mountain Dog

They are a large-sized breed of dogs but they love people. They possess an extremely versatile nature and qualities which makes them unique. The breed is from the farm lands of the beautiful city, Switzerland. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a friendly and calm nature. They tend to enjoy human contact and playing different games is their favorite hobby. They are obedient towards the family members and try to adjust in with the family’s lifestyles.  If you love furry and big-sized dogs then owning Bernese mountain dog would be your best shot.

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3. Brittany

Brittany’s makes great family pets. They are friendly and calm, try to fit in and avoid being reserve. If you are active family and likes to spend your weekends playing with your kids then Brittany is your kind. Brittany’s loves to spend time with their owners, all they need is love and affection for the family. They are very loyal and can do anything to protect the family members, if needed. They may be pets but for the dog owners, most pets are not just pets. They are bind by love and affection.

To find out more about family dogs I’d recommend you to search for the friendly dog breeds that perfectly matches with your pet needs. More list coming.

You can get any dog you want as a pet. However, it highly depends on how you treat your pets. Treating them well and caring for them is what actually the pets seek from their owners. Give your pet the attention and love they deserve and they’ll do anything to be in your good books.

Feel free to comment your best family dogs! We appreciate your comments.

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