Under Training Dogs Set To Be CIA AGENTS. DOGS? Yes you heard me right!

Here is the latest news, not the rumors, but real authentic news. Dear American fellas, it’s time to feel safer and secure now, as CIA has been working pretty deep in to come up with the next batch of fall 2017 K9, but who have guessed that it’s going to be something super fun and amicable: these gorgeous pups, yet to be announced as top-class CIA agents.

CIA has recruited 6 amazing pups for this batch who are currently being trained for the most dangerous yet an honorable job of detecting explosives under stressing situations. These canines are doing pretty well in learning about their new job and soon they will be fully trained to take down the bad guys – detect them explosives!


The step was taken to recruit the finest breeds of the dogs who could perform exemplary services in the field. The sniffing qualities of these dogs can help K9 officers to get a near-to-spot estimation of the explosives in nerve breaking terrorist attacks or activities.

One of the senior CIA agent on twitter tweeted about the recruitment of these dogs, adding that the K9 has two basic layers that are provided at the time of incident. The first security row against any vulnerable explosive threats are headed by experienced K9 officers followed by 24/7 support yon-call K9 agents who respond to emergency services registered by prime witnesses or local/government agencies.

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What can be more awesome than having a team of badass CIA dog agents? CIA has been active in documenting the adorable training sessions of these dogs. It’s endearing to watch these pups train for the best! You can find the documented videos on the official account CIA (America) and I assure you that these videos would make you go “Aw”. These pups are doing a great job, follow their progress and show your support to these fellas!

What makes these dogs different? Well, their super-friendly nature, need unbeatable enthusiasm towards this training and their love for food! Who doesn’t love food? Give me food and I’ll do wonders.

Don’t take these dogs as ordinary, the batch of these six pups are not less than real life super heroes, who aim to bring down the bad guys by sniffing away their planned attacks. CIA carefully selected the top 6 pups, 4 for CIA and 2 will work for the local law prosecution stations, and guess what? All the pups are girls! Anyone up to drag these adorable girls down? Nah! They will show their swag, just wait and watch.

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The training lasts 16 weeks, and they graduate in November if they pass.

Want to hear up their names? The names are as adorable as they are, the names for combo of 4 CIA dogs are Indigo, Suni, Nicole and Freya and the other 2 pups are Lulu and Heide. Aren’t these names are gorgeous?

From vet to the training center, they are making their journey memorable and soon they’ll graduate as the lead dog team for explosive detection. Follow up their story at Twitter and savor their training sessions.


Image Credit : CIA

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